Residential and Commercial Products

Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan provides the best construction and installation techniques. Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan can customize a green to suit any space. We can replicate any of your favorite golf holes to almost exact specifications, scaled to fit your lawn, because we work with Nicklaus Design! Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan will bring your home golf experience to reality!

Putting Greens

Putting Greens

One great way to get in the practice time you need is to have us install a putting green at your home. Our experience, attention to detail and excellent quality synthetic grass and artificial turf products combine to give you an unbeatable green!

Pet Areas

Pet Areas

Synthetic grass is a phenomenal way for a pet service company to set itself apart from the competition. You'll give current and future clients the confidence and peace of mind of knowing your business reflects the same care and attention to detail their pets will experience.

Turf & Grass

Turf & Grass

Are you thinking of installing artificial turf and grass for your home or commercial yard? If so, we have the product for you. Contact us today to get your turf and grass installed.


Commercial Artificial Grass

With our turf and grass products you get a synthetic that looks and feels like natural grass. Your ball will roll and react on this surface naturally when you’re putting and chipping. Contact us today to get started on your commercial applications.

Improve your golf game right outside your own door!

We offer the highest quality synthetic grass and artificial turf, and the landscape experience to provide you a professional golf experience and world class aesthetic putting green. Need to work on putting? Chipping? Working out of the sand trap? How about your wedge shots? Join a long list of PGA Tour Professionals and let us build a home green for you! Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan serves all of Southeast Michigan and more.

With our putting greens and golf greens you get:

  • The best construction and installation techniques
  • Highest quality synthetic grass and artificial turf
  • Custom designs from the best in the industry
  • We work in any space, at any time
  • Installation outdoors, at your home, office or corporate headquarters
  • Little maintenance and stay green all year
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Pro Endorsements

When the game's top professionals want to improve their short game, they have to hit the greens.

Vijay Singh

"Having a surface this good to practice on at home is incredible. My Southwest Putting Green performs like a tour green. It’s fantastic!" - Vijay Singh 2004 PGA Champion

Sergio Garcia

"Southwest Putting Greens did a great job of designing a golf green for me and my family. The golf green rolls true and is awesome for chipping giving me and my father the opportunity to practice at home." - Sergio Garcia Ryder Cup Champion

Michigan Golf Greens and Artificial Turf Installations

Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan's artificial grass golf greens are available to residents living all over Michigan

Southwest Greens is proud to provide residents of Michigan with golf greens and artificial lawns made from the most realistic and durable synthetic grass materials that our industry has to offer. Whether you are interested in an indoor or outdoor putting green installation, or a residential or commercial application, we can help. We'll work closely with you on a custom design featuring our incredibly realistic artificial grass. This is not the weak and flimsy fake grass of yesteryear! Our synthetic turf is so realistic that it gives natural grass a run for its money. You will love our backyard artificial turf because it requires virtually no maintenance to retain its green and pristine perfection year-round.

Our skilled installation team is made up of knowledgeable professionals who employ the very best design and construction techniques. Throughout the state of Michigan, our artificial grass installations have made a more aesthetically pleasing space to countless outdoor spaces. We can customize our putting greens and artificial lawns to fit areas of many different shapes and sizes, and we can even replicate your favorite golf greens to your exact specifications. Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan is proud to work with Nicklaus Design to provide unique golf green installations for our customers.

How do you know that our synthetic grass golf greens are the finest that our industry has to offer? Our list of endorsements should go a long way in driving this point home for you! Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan's putting greens are endorsed by an extensive list of PGA professionals who have installed our greens at their homes. Imagine working on your short game in the privacy of your own backyard. Furthermore, if you prefer an indoor green or a golf practice putting area in your office or corporate headquarters, we can do that as well!

You can count on our superlative synthetic backyard turf products to stand up to harsh weather and heavy foot traffic. Our artificial turf also helps to provide a beautiful landscape element for your home or business. Please contact us today to talk about our custom golf green installations.

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