How Artificial Grass is Saving the Environment

Artificial grass offers a great many benefits to those that install it. Some of those benefits are aesthetic, while others might appear in the form of a lower handicap due to an improved short game. There is another benefit you may not have considered; one that brings good tidings not only to you, your home and your wallet but also to the greater world at large. Our artificial grass products are some of the most environmentally friendly products you’ll find anywhere, and this benefits everyone!


Reducing Water Consumption

We all know that synthetic grass requires no watering, but it is truly remarkable how much water you will conserve should you change out your lawn from natural grass to synthetic. Stop to consider that between 50-70% of the residential water used in the United States is used for landscaping. This equals some 10,000 gallons per square foot of lawn.


Even here on the Great Lakes our state has water conservation issues. Switching to synthetic grass can reduce the water consumption at your home by as much as half, allowing you to do your part in conserving one of our most precious resources.


Eliminating Pollution and Emissions

The next time you pull out that gas lawn mower or leaf blower consider the damage these items can do to the atmosphere. Americans spend nearly $60 million each year on gasoline for our lawns. Did you know that a single gas lawn mower can create as much pollution in one hour of use as a car driven 20 miles? It’s true. This is to say nothing of lawn maintenance items such as leaf blowers, which can expel large amounts of carbon monoxide.


Now consider that over $700 million is spent each year on pesticides for our lawns. These pesticides contain harmful chemicals that are taking a toll environmentally. The good news is that gas mowers and pesticides are entirely unnecessary when you make the switch to synthetic grass!


As you can see, synthetic grass products not only look great but are also a friend to the environment. Do your part to conserve and eliminate pollution courtesy of a stunning synthetic grass installation of your own.