How Cost-Efficient is Synthetic Grass?

There are very few products out there that actually pay for themselves over time. Luckily for us and the industry we are in, synthetic grass is one of them. The very idea that a product can indeed pay for itself over time may seem like an “iffy” claim, but as it pertains to synthetic grass this is more than a claim: it is a fact. According to a 2002 Harris Survey the average household spends approximately $1,200 per year on lawn care. Here are a few of the ways that an artificial grass installation can continually save you money.

The very biggest way in which synthetic grass can save you money from month to month is in reduced water bills. An artificial lawn can help you to cut your water consumption in half, and that means significantly savings each and every month for as long as you keep your artificial grass installation. The ability to save as you conserve is a gift that will keep on giving once you trade out your natural grass for synthetic. Consider how much you will save in a year, five years, 10 years or more and you can begin to see this significant savings as a very real return on your initial investment.

The same Harris Survey mentioned above noted that as a country we spend just under $29 billion annually on lawn care. Lawn care costs include gas spent filling up lawn mowers, money spent on lawn equipment and the cost of pesticides and other products used on lawns and gardens. There are also those who choose to pay a lawn service to take care of their lawns. These costs are no small investment; neither is the time you sacrifice each week to yard work. Artificial grass eliminates all of these costs because no maintenance and upkeep is required, saving you even more money on a regular basis.

The list of products that pay for themselves over time is a short one indeed. We are proud to say that our synthetic grass products are at the top of that exclusive list.