Commercial Landscaping Applications from Michigan Golf Greens

Improve your outdoor areas with our professional synthetic grass installations

Are you ready to take your commercial landscaping to the next level? Our superlative artificial grass products feel as natural as real grass and will maintain their immaculate look year-round. In addition to artificial lawns, Michigan Golf Greens also specializes in commercial golf putting greens, either indoor or outdoor, and each of our custom designs can suit your needs and budget.

Our exceptional synthetic turf is perfect for common outdoor areas because it is able to withstand heavy foot traffic, adverse weather conditions, and extreme shifts in temperature throughout the year. If you have been looking for a way to reduce your expenses, think of the money you will save on water bills and lawn maintenance costs when you make the switch to synthetic grass.

Commercial ApplicationsCommercial Applications

Michigan Golf Greens will work closely with you on a custom plan for your artificial turf application, and each of our faux grass installations can fit the space you have available. Upgrading your commercial landscaping will allow your office or commercial facility to look its best as well as providing a wonderful first impression before visitors enter your building. There is a reason why commercial customers such as AOL, Carnival Cruise Lines, McDonalds and the Texas Rangers have chosen us as their artificial grass provider. Our tailor-made products are state-of-the-art and second to none!

Consider all of the benefits that our synthetic turf offers commercial clients. Our faux grass golf greens require almost no maintenance while offering the robust durability required to stand up to the outside elements and heavy use. Those benefits continue with the savings you will enjoy once you make the switch to synthetic grass. Make your commercial facility's outdoor space look the best it can by contacting Michigan Golf Greens of Lower Michigan today for a free consultation.