Our Tee Lines Improve Your Golfing Proficiency

Our synthetic Grass products provide a tee line that’s lasts much longer that natural grass, and won’t require landscaping.

Our superlative synthetic grass tee lines can help eliminate a common problem for public golf courses and driving ranges: namely the considerable time and expense that comes with regular tee line maintenance. Natural grass tee lines can be ripped up in a matter of hours. Synthetic turf tee lines from Michigan Golf Greens, on the other hand, are built to stand the test of time while also maintaining their immaculate condition all day, every day.

All of our artificial grass products boast an incredibly natural look and feel, and our durable tee lines are no different. This is not subpar fake grass but rather a state-of-the-art synthetic turf surface that works perfectly for tee lines and golf putting green areas. Imagine a scenario where you weren't constantly landscaping your tee lines, and instead saving the time and money you spent on maintenance, while at the same time providing your customers with the best tee lines they have ever used.

Tee LinesTee Lines

Michigan Golf Greens of Lower Michigan is home to experienced professionals in the art of artificial turf installation and construction, and we install every tee line in a timely fashion. Our customers love how durable and cost efficient our synthetic grass tee lines are. In other words, our artificial turf tee line installations are the very definition of a win/win situation!